Get Information & Insights from any digital documents.

‎SaaS API platform to Extract, Verify and Analyze information from any document with Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Chandra Shekhar Singh
Secretary, State Board of Technical Education, Bihar, Patna.
“We utilized the Docuexprt platform during the admission process of Diploma Courses. This software has been instrumental in verifying and extracting data from PDF and JPEG files, meeting the requirements of our admission department for data validation. We endorse the use of Docuexprt for data validation and document scrutiny to streamline the validation process of academic credentials. Looking forward to working with Docuexprt in the future as well.”
Centralized Admission Committee
Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research
DocuExprt has Helped us to simplify the Scrutiny of admission documents with high accuracy. Now we are able to verify thousands of educational documents without any human intervention. DocuExprt is one of the top document reading software to automate information extraction using predefined patterns.

What is DocuExprt ?

AI empowered Technology to auto read documents.

Ability to extract information from Scanned Marksheet, Academic Certificates, Govt ID Proofs, Category Certificates etc.

Accelerate and Improve Accuracy of Document Verification

Simplify Admission Process, Job Recruitment Process with automated supported documents verification using AI  document extraction.

Extract Information from Pdf Documents or Files with ease.

What is DocuExprt?

Pay As Per Usage

Get your documents verified with simple API based integration.

Verify millions of documents with the help of technology with ease

Extract and Verify Handwritten Information

Auto Extract, Compare information from handwritten documents.

DocuExprt Works with 4 Simple Steps


1. API Call for Document Scan

System would accept input as Digital Document File


2. AI Processing

AI Component skillfully extracts system data Uncovering insights with ease

3. Compare Information

Facility to Compare Information from Document with Pre-Existing Data for Verification


4. Process the Information

Information Processing, analysis, storage for Document Information

Extract and compare information from any documents

State Government

User Role Implemented with Best Practices of Education Sector

CBSE MarkSheet

Course Planning

Any Custom Document

Central Government

Course Planning

PAN Card


Entrance Exams Marksheet

User Role Implemented with Best Practices of Education Sector


Aadhar Card

SSC Marsheet

Driving License

User Role Implemented with Best Practices of Education Sector

Caste Certificate

HSC Mark Sheeet

Explore Features of the Platform

Retrieve and Verify Text from the document

System can accept input in the form of document and can retrieve its text, images from the digital document.
Process information as per requirement.
Useful for document extraction id verification of documents like Driving Licence, Ration Card, Election Card, academic marksheet, academic certificates category certificate , Pan Card, Aadhar Card,documents issued by Govt authorities etc

Verification service for handwritten documents

System can have capability to retrieve handwritten documents information using Natural Language Processing.
Save handwritten document information in plain text format for further processing and analysis.

Prefill Online Application Forms

For the Online application form filling process, the system asks for supporting documents to be uploaded.
AI Reader can retrieve information from uploaded documents and online forms can be prefilled to improve accuracy of online applications
Reduce support cost for grievance handling and Improve accuracy of online application process.

Platform for auto document Verification with AI

AI document processing empowered Technology to auto read documents.

Ability of data extraction information from Scanned Mark 
sheet, Academic Certificates, Govt. ID Proofs,
Category Certificates etc.

Accelerate and Improve Accuracy of Document

Explore Articles and Details of DocuExprt

Simplifying the Verification of Academic Documents through DocuExpert at the Bihar State Board of Technical Education

In a effort to address the challenges linked to manual verification, SBTE Bihar adopted technology, with a specific emphasis on the implementation of Docuexprt, to automate and improve the efficiency of their document examination processes.
Auto Scanning Document new
Auto Scanning Document new

Goodbye to Manual Document Scrutiny with AI-Driven Document Verification! [Case Study]

Document scrutiny is a critical task, especially for authorities handling millions of applications for entrance exams, admission processes, and other government or private job applications.

Manual verification of these documents is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, leading to delays in processing applications and admissions

🔍Simplifying Education Counseling with AI Document Verification🔒

Education counseling plays a crucial role in the admission process.

Educators need to verify thousands of admission documents manually during student admission counseling process. 

Docuexprt can automate this activity where you can verify thousands of documents with high accuracy and scale.

Say Goodbye to Manual Verification: AI Document Reader for Admissions 🔍📝

Have you ever got overwhelmed with the tediousness of document verification process during admissions? The document verification process still remains to be a manual process. With a lot of advancement in technology, it is now a time to automate the document verification process, not just for ease of processing; but also, for faster and more accurate document verification process.

Advanced Tool for Document Verification Automation in Manufacturing: Unlocking Efficiency and Accuracy 🔍✅

What if I say there is actually one AI-supported software that can extract the data from documents and verify it? Yes, it exists, the software can extract the information from the document and can tell you if the document is as per pre-defined requirements or not. 

As you can imagine, this software not only helps in automating the industrial manufacturing processes…..

Verification Automation in Manufacturing

Featured by Media

Awards Won by the Company

Highly rated on the top review platforms

Want to know how DocuExprt can help in Document verification? Watch the Video Now.

SaaS API platform for Automated Document Verification powered by Artificial Intelligence

Use Cases of the System

Academic Documents Verification

Simplify the Admission process with Automated Verification of Marksheet, Degree Certificates for
handling millions of applications for entrance exams, admission processes 

Job Applications Verification

Automation of verification of job application documents, accelerate and improve verification of various qualification documents using technology. 

Simplify the Document Scrutiny Process

Verify documents on the go using Simple APIs and Reduce the cost of Scrutiny. Eliminate manual    verification and switch to AI Verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is AI document verification compared to manual verification?

AI document verification is highly accurate compared to manual verification. The advanced algorithms and machine learning models used in AI systems can precisely extract and analyze information from documents. The results thus obtained are error-free. AI-based verification processes provide a higher level of reliability in academic document scrutiny compared to manual methods.

What types of documents can be verified using AI?

AI can verify various types of documents, including academic certificates, mark sheets, identification proofs (such as Aadhaar cards, and PAN cards, Passport), category certificates, government-issued documents (like driving licenses, and ration cards), and more. The system also has the capability to extract and analyze handwritten scanned documents information.

How does AI document verification simplify education counselling?

AI document verification simplifies education counselling by automating the process of academic document and certificate scrutiny and validation. AI algorithms can extract and compare information from various types of academic certificates, reducing the need for manual data entry and human intervention. This streamlines the verification process, saves time, enhances accuracy, and allows education counsellors to focus more on providing guidance to students.

Can AI document verification be integrated with existing admission systems?

Yes, AI document verification can be integrated with existing admission systems. APIs and software development kits (SDKs) provided by AI document verification platforms allow seamless integration with existing systems. This integration enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of academic document verification, ensuring a streamlined and comprehensive admissions process.

How does AI document verification improve the admission process?

AI document verification improves the admission process by reducing the manual effort and time required for document scrutiny. It enhances accuracy by minimizing the risk of human errors. Thus, AI document verification streamlines the entire process, allowing for faster academic document and certificate processing.

What are the benefits of using AI document verification in education counselling?

Using AI document verification in education counselling offers several benefits. It simplifies and automates the academic document verification process, saving time and effort spent by education counsellors. AI ensures accurate and consistent results and allows counsellors to focus more on providing personalized career assistance to students.
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