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DocuExprt is designed to handle a large volume of documents concurrently, making it highly scalable for admission counselling processes.
The AI-driven technology of DocuExprt enhances the accuracy and consistency of document scrutiny.

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Centralized Admission Committee
Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research

DocuExprt has Helped us to simplify the Scrutiny of admission documents with high accuracy. Now we are able to verify thousands of educational documents without any human intervention.

Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research

DocuExprt has Helped us to simplify the Scrutiny of admission documents with high accuracy.

Now we are able to verify thousands of educational documents without any human intervention.

What is DocuExprt?

1AI-empowered technology to auto-read documents.

2Ability to extract information from Scanned Mark sheets, Academic Certificates, ID Proofs, Category Certificates etc.

3Accelerate and improve the accuracy of document verification.


Limitations of the manual Document Verification process in student counseling.

1Manual document verification is time-consuming, requiring significant effort from counsellors, causing delays in processing applications and providing timely guidance to students.
2Human error in manual document verification can lead to incorrect evaluations and decisions in student eligibility, emphasizing the need for careful attention and fairness in the admissions process.
3Counsellors face challenges in managing and verifying a variety of documents submitted by students during the admissions process, due to the specific scrutiny required for each document.

How DocuExprt streamlines document Verification in admission counseling?

1Advanced AI-driven Technology- DocuExprt leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to automate document scrutiny.
2Simplified Data Extraction- With DocuExprt, counsellors can easily extract relevant information from digital documents.
3Predefined Patterns for Verification- DocuExprt employs predefined patterns to validate extracted information.
4Scalability and Efficiency- DocuExprt is highly scalable, handling concurrent processing of large document volumes for admission counseling.
5Improved Accuracy and Consistency- DocuExprt’s AI technology enhances document scrutiny accuracy and consistency.
AI in Education Technology

Extract information from document with Ease

Simplify the process of extracting information from documents.

4 Easy Steps to Auto Read Documents

Wide Range of Academic Documents Supported by DocuExprt

CBSE Marksheet JEE marksheet
CET Marksheet Entrance Exam Marksheet
SSC Marksheets HSC Marksheets
Domicile Certificate Caste Certificate
PAN Card Aadhar Card
And Many More...

Top Notch Features of AI Document Reader, DocuExprt

live lectures

API Call to Scan Document


Verification service for handwritten documents


Verification service for handwritten documents


Define Custom Document Templates

High security

Prefill Online Forms

Video call Interview

Compare Information

Simplified attendance management

Automate Application Validation


Accelerated Verification and Insights

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pricing Structure of Docuexprt ?

Pricing is based on number of documents verified using AI. Pricing is directly proportional to your usage. If you wish to verify 1000 documents then pricing would be 1000 multiplied by Per Document Cost.

Pricing is very cost-effective and based on your Usage.

How does AI document verification simplify education counselling?

AI document verification simplifies education counselling by automating the process of academic document and certificate scrutiny and validation.

AI algorithms can extract and compare information from various types of academic certificates, reducing the need for manual data entry and human intervention.

This streamlines the verification process, saves time, enhances accuracy, and allows education counsellors to focus more on providing guidance to students.

What types of documents can be verified using AI?

AI can verify various types of documents, including academic certificates, mark sheets, identification proofs (such as Aadhaar cards, and PAN cards), category certificates, government-issued documents (like driving licenses, and ration cards), and more.

Can AI document verification be integrated with existing admission systems?

Yes, AI document verification can be integrated with existing admission systems. APIs and software development kits (SDKs) provided by AI document verification platforms allow seamless integration with existing systems.

This integration enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of academic document verification, ensuring a streamlined and comprehensive admissions process.

How does AI document verification improve the admission process?

AI document verification improves the admission process by reducing the manual effort and time required for document scrutiny. It enhances accuracy by minimizing the risk of human errors.

Thus, AI document verification streamlines the entire process, allowing for faster academic document and certificate processing.

What are the benefits of using AI document verification in education counselling?

Using AI document verification in education counselling offers several benefits. It simplifies and automates the academic document verification process, saving time and effort spent by education counsellors.

AI ensures accurate and consistent results and allows counsellors to focus more on providing personalized career assistance to students.

How accurate is AI document verification compared to manual verification?

AI document verification is highly accurate compared to manual verification. The advanced algorithms and machine learning models used in AI systems can precisely extract and analyze information from documents.

The results thus obtained are error-free. AI-based verification processes provide a higher level of reliability in academic document scrutiny compared to manual methods.

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