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Document Authenticity using AI

DocuExprt’s advanced features include sophisticated tools for detecting holograms, university logos, and QR codes to verify document authenticity and ensure documents are not forged.

These capabilities are essential for maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of your document management system.

    These features collectively enhance the reliability of DocuExprt, making it a robust solution for document verification and authenticity checks, thereby safeguarding your organization against the risks associated with forged and counterfeit documents.

    Document Authenticity using AI
    Document Information Analytics

    Document Information Analytics

    The system provides comprehensive analytics of the total number of documents present within the system, categorized by type and tag.

    This feature enables users to gain insights into their document management processes through detailed reports and visualizations.

    This functionality enables efficient tracking and management of documents based on geographical and linguistic factors, ensuring that you have precise data to support your decision-making processes.

    This robust analytical capability ensures that users can monitor and manage their documents effectively, making informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

    Webhooks and API

    Enables integration of document verification processes with ERP, CRM, Admission, and Registration systems. 

    Users can validate information through API calls and initiate document verification processes instantly. 

    REST APIs support single sign-on and data integration, ensuring seamless connectivity with existing systems and enhancing operational efficiency.

    Webhooks and APIs
    Template Library

    Template Library

    A comprehensive library containing standard document templates for hundreds of document types, including academic certificates, government documents like passports, PAN cards, AADHAR cards, state government documents, leaving certificates, and exam certificates.

    Users can also add custom templates to the library, making it a versatile tool for various documentation needs.

    Auto-tagging of Tags in Document

    AI-powered analysis identifies and tags of key information in the documents, such as Application ID, Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Contact Number, Identification Number, etc.

    All identified tags and their corresponding information are stored systematically in the system, facilitating comprehensive analysis and information extraction.

    Auto-tagging of Tags in Document
    Upload document

    Upload Document

    Upload documents using a standard set of templates or create custom documents with new template creation.

    This feature ensures flexibility in handling various document types, making the system adaptable to specific organizational needs.

    Users can upload bulk documents manually or with the help of REST API, it can be fetched from any system for information extraction.

    Searchable Document

    Provides the capability to search for any information within the available documents using custom criteria and parameters for condition matching and comparison. This feature enhances the efficiency of information retrieval and ensures that users can quickly locate specific data within large volumes of documents.
    Searchable Document
    User Management

    User Management

    Define users according to access and security levels for Document Management and Information Extraction processes.

    The Super-Admin role is created by default during user login who has access to all the functionalities and permissions to manage other roles.

    The Scanner role is responsible for scanning and uploading documents.

    The Manager role is empowered to extract information and perform analysis on the documents.

    The Observer role have document-wise view, download and edit access according to it’s permission.

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